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acme arts collective collaboration is a celebration of the green


by patrick devlin Members of the Acme Arts Collective collaborate on an audio visual celebration of the end of nearly one hundred years of cannabis prohibition in the state of Illinois. The Green Leaves Sonic Triptych is comprised of three ambient improvisations by lichen on synthesizers and grumpy singlaub on effected guitars paired with videos by d.hopkins. Spanning over one hour, the improvisations explore droney ambient spaces and follow groovy downtempos with video that serenely celebrates both the in-studio recording and beauty of the cannabis plant. Contemplative, uplifting and slightly psychedelic, the sonic triptych embraces and intrigues…much like the effects […]

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COVID News : Cannabis found to help treat coronavirus patients

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THC, a psycho-active component of the amazingly medically useful cannabis plant, has been found to help treat Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome in mice. ARDS is a dangerous breathing disorder that afflicts some coronavirus patients complicating their recovery. see link : neuroscience news

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