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Re-name Columbus Day Indigenous Peoples’ Day : Patriotism, marketism, exceptionalism – destinyism? : The prison of the isms


by Patrick Devlin Columbus day can be a warm day or a cold day (and this year was spectacular autumn falling through cool sunshine) but it always provides an opportunity to reflect on the day as a holiday representing as it does a kind of anachronistic celebration of manifest destiny – and we know that we have grown beyond all that…shameful as it is as a part of our history. It had to be someone, and it was Columbus who ‘discovered America’ and, among other accomplishments, initiated the Euro-American human trafficking biz. We are reminded of both the inhuman brutality […]

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COVID News : Cannabis found to help treat coronavirus patients

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THC, a psycho-active component of the amazingly medically useful cannabis plant, has been found to help treat Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome in mice. ARDS is a dangerous breathing disorder that afflicts some coronavirus patients complicating their recovery. see link : neuroscience news

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COVID News : CDC’s deleted draft has political waft

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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that a medically inaccurate draft its guidelines which censored reference to the internationally recognized fact that the coronavirus can spread from airborne transmission over a distance greater than six feet and also from exposure to tiny droplets and particles known as aerosols that can remain in the air for up to several hours for apparently crass political reasons had been updated to reflect actual medical fact. The agency had previously reported the medical fact in synch with the rest of the worlds’ doctors but removed all references to aerosol transmission of […]

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COVID News : 30% of COVID patients experience stroke like impairment in cognition

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The largest study of neurological symptoms among coronavirus patients in an American hospital system reveled that more than 30% of COVID patients experience stroke like impairment in their cognition after recovering : see link to the boston globe

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