by Patrick Devlin
As Dotard Donnie keeps us winning, capitalists keep sinning, our rights keep thinning and planes keep spinning (out of the sky) we are reminded that, although capitalism has the awesome power to foist a dimwitted narcissistic and dangerous demagogue upon us, it can’t think about keeping us safe…unless we pay more; because – “Safety ain’t free, you know”…so sez the war-profiteering and hardly free market challenged outsized driver of oblivious commerce called Boeing.

safety aint free

As planes get grounded on tarmacs across the globe and former passengers get permanently grounded in cemeteries, it has now been reported that Boeing’s “Crashed jets reportedly lacked key safety features because Boeing charged extra for them“.

Its not that there aren’t safety features designed by Boeing to protect humans, its not that the airline companies who bought the planes are not aware of the general dangers posed by air flight…its just that Boeing and the airlines wanted more cash than passenger safety. And profit is the driver, rather than air traffic safety in our country’s skies or the personal safety of passengers like us. Because, safety ain’t free, you know.

I know that it is the fashion of current big-party democratic and republican commenters and candidates to scoff at those who propose that our government should mandate safety measures that protect every citizen, including requiring features that prevent planes full of passengers from nose-diving in fiery conflagrations. But, to require governmental safety mandates would of course require government officials (including politicians) to demand that the titans of the free market ensure that the safety of Americans is more important than the cling of coins in their pockets, and there are few who would make that argument in today’s political landscape. Remember, these are the guys who wanted to make a “Grand Bargain” about cutting Social Security during the late 2000’s and early 2010s, if y’all recall who was in power back then. And more recently, as pencil-necked free market genius readers of Ayn Rand (who also held positions of power in the House of Representatives) prioritized gifting trillions in tax handouts to our grifting American oligarchs and oligarchic business owners – you know the “job creators” amongst us – over what all of the denizens of DC derisively describe as “entitlements”. I wonder if these free market cheerleaders believe that safety is an “entitlement”? I know that I do.

The lesson that we learn – as we are abandoned by our government representatives as they scurry to represent the interests of un-accountable and blinkered business magnates and are left to fend for ourselves by those same greedy business titans who view human safety as a “loss leader” – is that we are free, free…freeee!!! to purchase airline safety (if we can afford to) much in the same way as we can pay to bring luggage, pay to have a bigger seat or pay to get a cup of water when we are flying the friendly skies of the USA. Because, “Safety ain’t free, you know”.