By Patrick Devlin

With reasonable America reeling from the breathtaking body-blows that the boorish, bigoted, ill prepared and incompetent Donald Trump regime has leveled on our body politic over the past few months, it appears that those who believe that simply de-Donalding the USA will #MAGA may be disappointed to find that the same Republicans whose voting antics brought forth #tRump’s America believe that higher education in general is a threat to our nation.

In a poll recently conducted by the Pew Research Center, 58 percent of the respondents who identified as Republican said that higher education hurts our country.

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In general, only 36% of responding Republicans believe that America will be better off if its citizens have college degrees. The Republican suspicion of higher learning has increased since the last time Pew asked Americans the same questions back in 2015, with 18% more Republicans advising that they are spooked by higher learning than a short two years ago.

While it is true that younger Republicans hold a better opinion of higher education, with 44% agreeing that having a more highly educated citizenry will benefit the country, the numbers of higher education supporting young Republicans also dropped precipitously over the past two years, falling from 65% to 44% (a decline of 21 percent).

What may be even more confounding is that the poll found that only 33% of college educated Republicans and 35% of Republicans with advanced degrees thought that higher education is beneficial for America.

Though Republican America has turned away from education and enlightenment generally, these same modern voters advised the pollsters that they believe that faith in organized religion will save America. Pew researchers found that super majorities of Republicans (72%) think that religious institutions make America a better place while a slim 14% of Republicans questioned the value of religious institutions in America.

While many Democrats will delight in the demise of dumb Donald if that happens by impeachment, resignation or via the ballot box, America appears to be in a bizarro standoff, with one party having faith in education and one party having been educated to be suspicious of book learning. Pew pollsters found that Democratic respondents’ views are a mirror opposite of their Republican neighbors, while 72% of Republicans have faith in only in faith, 72% of Democratic respondents reported that they have learned to value education.

As the American hero and four time US Predidential candidate Eugene Debs noted years ago; “Intellectual darkness is essential to industrial slavery.”

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