by Patrick Devlin

Only partisans ensnared by duopoly insist that there are only 2 choices in American elections.

In 2012, 57 percent of American voters voted for president.

Obama won 51 percent.

Romney won 48 percent.

That means the president was ‘elected’ by about 30 percent of American voters.

It is not my fault that the status quo legacy parties have pursued a program to discourage voting reduce voter choice and stifle democracy in our country.

Recall in the mentioned election, 2012, our presidential candidates chose to not debate about:

imperial war and the cost of military industrialism,

the failure of the drug war and its consequences in America’s communities of color,

our policies related to the middle east’s largest land grabber,

police violence,

the environmental and economic costs of encouraging drilling and fracking with our tax dollars,

our support of torture and totalitarian strongmen,

tax fairness,

racial inequality,

unrelenting and all pervasive surveillance,

workers’ rights and the declining working class,

free trade agreements,

universal health care…

– In other words, the legacy dem agreed completely with the status quo repub on all these matters, and much more – very much like the ‘differences’ between Hillary & either possible legacy repub this election…no difference on matters that actually matter, and therefore, no choice.

Fight for small d democracy by voting for voter choice in American elections.