by Patrick Devlin

As the bully-boy coward Donald Trump spoke at a rally at a Christian college on January 20 in Oklahoma, a gang of his middle-aged flabby thugs assaulted audience members who chose to silently protest the public event.

Strangely, for this audience of self-proclaimed Christian Trump-thugs, no one mentioned the words of Jesus; “I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment; whoever insults his brother will be liable to the council; and whoever says, ‘You fool!’ will be liable to the hell of fire.”

The assaults have now become an expected sideshow at the presidential candidate’s events, displaying that Trump has no interest in reining-in his thuggish supporters, with not even an admonition to his brutish followers to refrain from committing crimes against innocent rally participants. Participants who are guilty only of being critical of the xenophobic neo-fascist real estate salesman turned political candidate.

In the most recent thug attack, a silent protestor, who already had a sign he was carrying ripped from his hands by the fleshy white middle aged Trump-thugs, was thrown into a headlock by a porky cowboy hat wearing thug who approached the protestor (in true Trump-like fashion) without warning, having timorously sneaked up upon the victim from behind.

As with most self regarding bully-boys, the effeminate Trump seems to enjoy unleashing his minion thugs to physically stamp out the first amendment rights of any person willing to stand up to the tin-pot tyrant wanna-be. Trump, who giddily delights in his neo-fascist followers’ violent denial of the rights of protestors from the safety of hiding behind the podium, advised the press later that the victim “should have been roughed up. Because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing.”

It is not immediately clear if the Trump-thugs are in agreement with the bull-boy real estate salesman in his pronouncement that Americans who exercise their constitutional rights are doing “disgusting” things, but it is clear Trump (America’s Fascism Whisperer) has conveyed to his legion of thug followers that physical violence against anyone who disagrees with Trump’s thinly articulated plan “to make America Great again” should be punched, tackled or thrown into a headlock.

As the Trump-thugs might say to themselves as they take a swing at a fellow citizen who they disagree with; “Ooooooo, the violence and brutishness of the Trump presidency is going to be soooooo amazing! President Trump’s violent intolerance is going to be the most fabulous narrow-mindedness America has ever seen!”