by Patrick Devlin

A duo of brutish Donald Trump supporters assaulted two silent protesters at a campaign rally in Lowell, MA earlier this week to the triumphalist audience chants of “USA-USA-USA and “Trump-Trump-Trump”.

The attack, a video of which has surfaced on the Internet, was aimed at two sign holding event participants who remained silent during their protest and up until their forced removal by Trump hired security personnel. One of the protestors held a sign the read, “America’s already great”.

The assault was carried out by two paunchy and angry white middle aged thugs and was egged on by many other pudgy middle aged thugs, including white middle aged women thugs.

The assault by the Trump supporters, which is now a common occurrence at Trump campaign events, was anticipated by the Trump team, as apparent by the campaign’s instructions to Trump supporters as to how the campaign expects them to respond to protestors at Trump’s public events.

Trump supporters have who attend rallies have been instructed on what to do if protestors show up at Trump events, with the campaign encouraging rally-going thugs to chant “USA-USA-USA” or “Trump-Trump-Trump” if protestors attempt to protest at the public events. Trump was seen himself leading a chant of “USA-USA-USA” from the podium as his supporters punched and tackled a young protestor at a Trump rally in Nashua, NH on December 28, 2015.

Interestingly, the campaign’s rules regarding chanting as protestors are being removed from the events did not include an admonition to rally goers to not slug, tackle or assault protestors who attend the rallies.

Donald Trump is famous among his supporters for “having no filter” and “telling it like it is”, as when he labeled Mexican immigrants as rapists, but he has also shown his ability to use “dog whistle” words and cues to convey meaning to his thug supporters, as when he mocked a disabled reporter for catching the candidate in a bold faced lie.

As Trump sarcastically orders his thug supporters “be nice to him” when they assault citizens who want to use their free speech to protest Trump, he knows the meaning that he is conveying to the Trump faithful; anyone who disagrees with Trump has no right to speak up, has no right to disagree, has less rights than the Trump thugs and should therefore rightfully be assaulted.

Though Trump is following the historical lead of many previous fascist leaders – mocking, shouting down, dehumanizing and extinguishing the rights of anyone who does not wear a Trump brownshirt, we see no need to candy-coat or display feigned concern or gentleness when we say simply:

Donald Trump is the fascism whisperer of Neo-American fascism.