by Patrick Devlin

Thank you NSA, for deciding that I cannot have privacy…ever : your fascism is breathtaking.

Thank you oligarchs, for decimating the middle class and ending class mobility forever : your greed is stultifying.

Thank you industrial farmers, for killing the soil with chemicals : your destroying biodiversity is unceasing.

Thank you media moguls, for neutering necessary news and for creating ‘infotainment’ : your selling out democracy is complete.

Thank you Christian zealots, for excusing your bigotry by twisting theology : your interpretations justify child killing.

Thank you Republicans, for mixing class war, imperial war & religious war into a poisonous & deadly cocktail : your fascism is willing.

Thank you Democrats, for the unabashed sellout : your fealty to the rich exposes you as shameless lapdogs.

Thank you military, for policing streets in countries we’ve invaded : your providing muscle for corporate raiders was predicted.

Thank you police, for militarizing our cities : your shift from protecting people to protecting capital was expected.

Thank you free market maniacs : your commodification of our air, water & personal relationships has left our lives and loves bereft.

Thank you, the instigators, there’s Something in the Air
We’ve got to get together sooner or later – the revolution’s here.

And you know that it’s right.