Standing in stark and courageous contrast to lawmakers and police authorities elsewhere, the mayor of a small Spanish town has, in the face of the worldwide economic depression and mafia style drug criminality, decided to grow marijuana to in order to eliminate his town’s crushing bank debt and, at the same time, reduce the violent crime associated with drug prohibition.

Spain has an enlightened approach to marijuana use that allows citizens to cultivate cannabis for medical and recreational use but which strictly prohibits the sale and distribution of marijuana. Residents in the village of Rasquera, in Spain’s Catalan region, have agreed to rent 15 hectares of public and to the Barcelona Personal Use Association to grow cannabis, the sale of which is expected to raise $1.3 million Euros needed by the town to repay debt left after the real estate market crashed in Spain and worldwide in 2008. The project is expected to support 40 jobs for the village’s residents.

Mayor Bernat Pellisa told reporters recently, “We want to put an end to mafias, we want to finish with the black market, we want to put an end to the underground economy. The only thing this humble mayor wants and has tried to do is to supervise all this in order to benefit society and the neighbors of our village.”

So far the 900 resident hamlet has raised $47,000 for the project and is awaiting approval of the scheme by the Spanish Attorney General and regional authorities. Local authorities anticipate beginning marijuana cultivation this month.

It’s all true:
Spanish Town Wants to Grow Cannabis to Pay Off Debt