White House Drafts New Set of Surveillance Laws to Ignore
Legislation Seeks to Ease Rules on Domestic Spying:  New York Times article
Administration Seeks to Expand Surveillance Law:  Washington Post article
White House Seeks Boost to Spy Powers:  San Francisco Chronicle article
Bush asks Congress to alter 1978 eavesdropping law:  Reuters article
States Discover Foreign Deployments Let Their Guard Down
National Guard Half Prepared : The Ledger Online article
Hurricane response could suffer, senator says : Los Angeles Times article
Reserve Forces; Army National Guard's Role, Organization, and Equipment need to be Reexamined : GAO Report
Record Companies Demand Deception to Bust Bootleggers
Recording, movie industries lobby for permission to deceive : Los Angeles Times article
RIAA Pushes for Pretexting Loophole in California : Ipodobserver article
RIAA and MPAA: Copyright holders should be allowed to use pretexting : ArsTechnica News article
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it's all true archive
it's all true                                  04.15.07
Director's Services More Specific Than General
GSA Chief Is Accused of Playing Politics:  Washington Post article
Probe Targets GSA Chief:  ABC News article
Lawmakers Press GSA Chief:  Forbes article
The fight over GSA’s Lurita Doan:  Federal Times article
IRS Checks Not Worth Much
Mail replaces many face-to-face IRS audits:  USA Today article
Effectiveness of audits questioned:  CNN report
IRS Focus On Audits At Firms Criticized:  Washington Post article
Georgia Cops in Strip-Search Stops
Ottawa woman kept in jail despite U.S. customs OK : Ottawa Citizen article
Ontario woman angry over Georgia strip-search : CTV News report
A case of traveller beware : Ottawa Citizen article