it's all true                                  12.16.07
Election Survey Finds that Every Vote Doesn't Count
2006 Election Administration and Voting Survey : Federal Elections Assistance Commission report
National Election Survey Reveals 3.2 Million Uncounted Ballots in 2006 Elections -- UPDATED : Wried article
Report refutes fraud at poll sites : USA Today article
Supine Senate Leadership Backs Down As Some Dems Find Spines
Telecom Immunity Issue Derails Spy Law Overhaul:  Washington Post article
Democrats Delay a Vote on Immunity for Wiretaps:  New York Times article
Surveillance Bill Delayed Until 2008:  Associated Press article
Upcoming Senate vote may shield wiretap collaborators:  CNet News article
Firm Says Charges and Iraqi Soldiers are Baseless
U.S. paid for Iraqi army base never built : UPI article
Iraq audit targets area contractor : Gainsville Sun article
U.S. paid $32M for Iraqi base that wasn't built : USA Today article
US Calls for Cuts in Mandates not Emissions at Climate Conference
U.S., Developing Nations Compromise on Climate Talks : Bloomberg article
After-hours deal at climate talks : LA Times article
EU, US trade charges of blocking Bali talks : Reuters article
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it's all true archive
Taint of Torture Tapes Can't Be Erased
CIA Will Release Videotape Documents:  Associated Press article
C.I.A. to Cooperate With House on Tapes:  New York Times article
White House angry at tape claims:  BBC News report    
Bush Lawyers Discussed Fate of Tapes:  
New York Times article      
Destruction of CIA tapes may have violated a court order:  
Los Angeles Times article
Clemens Seeks Clemency, Bonds out on Bond
Players won't testify at House steriods hearing:  USA Today article
Fehr and Selig to Begin Talks on Mitchell Report:  New York Times article
Clemens urges no rush to judgment on steroid report:  Guardian (UK) article
Mitchell Report raises fresh questions:  Reuters article