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Signing Statements Interpreted as Executive Orders by Agencies
Presidents Signing Statements Accompanying the Fiscal Year 2006 Appropriations Acts : GAO Report
Bush signing statements leading to failure to fully execute laws: GAO report : Jurist article
Report finds signing statements sometimes followed by laws not being carried out : International Herald Tribune
US agencies disobey 6 laws that president challenged : Boston Globe article
Properties Blighted, Developers Delighted
Kelo’s Consequences:  Wall Street Journal article     
The ‘Blight’ Excuse:  
Wall Street Journal article
Victimizing the Vulnerable:  Institute for Justice press release
New Orleans Sees Rising Tide of Death as Federal Funds Drain Away
Post-Katrina Death Rate In New Orleans Shows Significant Increase; Demonstrates Need For Intervention And Improved  Reporting : AMAS press
Post-Katrina New Orleans death rate shoots up : Scientific American article
Foreign aid for Katrina? : Dallas Morning News article
New Orleans goes international in plea for recovery aid : Broward Times article
AG Ties File Sharing to International Terrorism
Intellectual Property Act of 2007 : Legislative Proposal
Gonzales proposes new crime: 'Attempted' copyright infringement : CNet News article
Congress readies broad new digital copyright bill : CNet News article
Scalia Calls Fictional Character Witness
What would Jack Bauer do? : Canada Globe and Mail article
Jack Bauer Gets A Pass from Justice Scalia : Free Times article
Clinton, Pelosi Have Problem With Boos
Hillary booed for Iraq stance:  CNN India report
Antiwar Liberals Heckle House Speaker Pelosi:  CBS News report
Rep. Pelosi responds to boos on war:  The Hill article
Spinning Stem Cell Veto a Hard Sell for Snow
Press Briefing by Tony Snow : White House press release
Researchers Offer Foreboding Forecast
The earth today stands in imminent peril:  The Independent (UK) article
Earth could ‘flip’ into environmental disaster:  New Zealand Herald article
Danger to Earth from warming:  Times of India article
Climate Change and Trace Gases: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society
Conflicts Escalate, Refugees Proliferate
World Refugees on Rise After Five Years:  Guardian (UK) article
Iraq drives up refugee count, UN says:  CNN News report
UN says refugees now number almost 10 million:  Reuters article
it's all true archive
it's all true archive