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interpreting the constitution
crowd control
interpreting the constitution
spread of the red
number 140    
source: University of
ML King
The former chief military prosecutor
at Guantanamo Bay has confirmed
that he intends to appear as a
witness for the defense in the
government’s case against detainee
Salim Ahmed Hamdan.

Air Force Col. Morris Davis resigned
in October in protest over political
interference in the military tribunals
created to try the hundreds of
terrorist suspects detained by the US
military since 2001. In recent weeks
Davis has stepped up his criticism of
the tribunal process, publicly
condemning US policy of allowing
evidence obtained by waterboarding,
and alleging that Pentagon General
Counsel William Haynes had told him
that political
considerations precluded the
possibility of acquittal for detainees.  

In an interview with the
magazine, Davis described an
August, 2005 conversation in which
Haynes expressed his belief that the
tribunals would be the “Nuremberg of
our time.”
Davis said he pointed out that a
handful of acquittals at Nuremberg
had enhanced the credibility of the
both the process and the court.
Davis recalled, “At which point his
eyes got wide and he said, ‘Wait a
minute we can’t have acquittals. If we’
ve been holding these guys for so
long, how can we explain letting them
get off? We can’t have acquittals. We’
ve got to have convictions.’”
Defense lawyers for Hamdan, who
was once a driver for Osama bin
Laden but denies any involvement
in terrorist activities, say they will
argue in a scheduled April
hearing that political interference
in the tribunal process violates
even the narrowly drawn terms of
the Military Commissions Act. The
defense has said that it will call
Col. Davis as a witness.

Davis told the
Nation that he
considered Haynes’ comments to
reflect a personal opinion, but that
he submitted his resignation when
Haynes was placed above him in
the  chain of command.         
it's all
A federal judge has ordered that a
controversial website be completely
shut down after it posted documents
online that appeared to reveal illegal
activities involving a Swiss bank., an international
organization that allows
whistleblowers to publish government
and corporate documents
anonymously, had its US domain
name blocked after the Julius Baer
banking group sued the registrar,
San Mateo, California-based
Dyandot, in US District Court in San
Francisco. Rather than confining his
ruling to the Julius Baer documents,
Judge Jeffrey White ordered that the
entire website, which has posted
more than 1.2 million documents
since it was launched in December
2006, be taken offline.

Spokesmen for Wikileaks, which was
not represented at the hearing,
assailed the
judge’s order, calling it overly broad
and “clearly unconstitutional.” Legal
experts and privacy rights advocates
also criticized the sweeping ruling,
with many agreeing that it amounted
to unlawful prior restraint. Some also
expressed doubt that the San
Francisco District Court has
jurisdiction in the matter between the
Swiss banking group and Wikileaks,
which is based in several countries in
Europe and Asia, with its main
servers located in Sweden.

Although the domain name remains
blocked, international versions of the
website are still online. Additionally,
immediately after the judge’s order, a
number of “mirror” and alternative
sites popped up, making  Wikileaks
content more widely available. The
site may still be accessed through
the original IP address,        
it's all true
News from Wall Street this week that
troubled municipal bond insurers
Ambac and MBIA had managed to
hold onto their AAA ratings after
review by
Moody’s, Fitch, and Standard and
Poors’ buoyed investor sentiment
about the formerly obscure segment
of the financial world occupied by the
so-called “monolines.” But the
underlying weakness of the bond
insurers, which drew a predatory
“bailout” offer from Warren Buffett’s
Berkshire Hathaway Group two
weeks ago, remains a serious threat
to the economy, as their total
exposure in the moribund market for
Collateralized Debt Obligations
(CDOs) is still unknown. Although
modest capital infusions have
managed to keep Buffett and state
regulators at bay for now, skepticism
persists among economists and
financial analysts as to the solvency
and long-term viability of the

Last Friday afternoon, rumors of an
Ambac rescue package lifted stocks
more than one hundred points just
before the close of the market, but as
the details emerged over the
weekend observers questioned
whether the $2 billion cash the
company raised was adequate. Some
analysts estimate that Ambac holds
$100 billion or more in CDOs that
may prove to be worth only
pennies on the dollar. The company’
s total insurance obligations on an
array of securities total more than
$500 billion.

The position of Ambac’s chief
competitor, MBIA, is considered by
financial sector insiders to be even
more precarious, with a total insured
“par” of about $650 billion. MBIA has
already admitted to CDO exposure of
about $40 billion, and experts warn
that further structured investment
vehicle writedowns are on the
horizon. According to
“S&P estimated that MBIA may have
losses of $5.5 billion before tax,
eliminating its entire capital cushion.”

For Ambac and MBIA, as well as the
smaller, privately held bond insurer
FGIC, acceptance of the Berkshire
Hathaway terms, which essentially
separate the safe and profitable
municipal bond business from the
riskier structured investment
portfolio, would spell the end of their
companies. The fact that Berkshire,
which also owns 19 percent of
Moody's, has targeted the bond
insurance business does not bode
well for the "monolines," and
indicates that the savvy Buffett has
been aware of their crippling
exposure in the securities market for
some time.       
it's all true
Rigged Military Tribunals Say A Lot About American
Censored Website Growing by Leaks and Bounds
Decade of Greed Precedes Hour of Need
Researchers have discovered
that the sunscreen that
beachgoers use to protect
themselves from sunburn is
killing coral reefs around the
world. Ingredients used to
manufacture sunscreen have
the effect of bringing to life
dormant viruses in algae that
exist in all coral.

Scientists from the Polytechnic
University of Marche Italy
found that ingredients in
sunscreen affect algae that
contribute to feeding coral
through photosynthesis. The
algae that become infected
eventually explode distributing
the virus across coral
communities. Coral that
contains infected algae
becomes bleached white as it

The researchers tested
samples of coral from the
Pacific, Atlantic and Indian
Oceans and found that even
small amounts of sunscreen
can kill coral in just a few days.
The lead author of the study
said, “sunscreens cause the
rapid and complete bleaching
of hard corals,” leaving the
“skeleton of the coral” naked.
The scientists estimate that
about 5000 metric tons of
sunscreen is washed into the
worlds oceans by swimmers
and ten percent of the world’s
coral reefs are at risk.  

The specific chemicals that
cause the reef viral infections
are; octinoxate, oxybenzone
and 4-methylbenzylidene
camphor and the preservative
butylparaben.  These
ingredients are also known to
cause cancer, allergic
reactions, endocrine disruption,
and some neurological and
reproductive problems in
it's all true
Documents released to a private
citizen through a Freedom of
Information request reveal that
the US military has been
attempting to build a device that
can project voices into the heads
of subjects to confuse them,
frighten them or make the believe
that they have gone mad. The
“Voice of God” weapon being
developed by the US Army utilizes
directed microwaves to beam
messages into the head of an
individual, transmitting messages
that no one else can hear.

The previously classified Army
Bioeffects of Selected
Nonlethal Weapons (fn 1)
that research has shown that,
“microwave hearing technology
could facilitate a private message
transmission. It may be useful to
provide a disruptive condition to a
person not aware of the
technology. Not only might it be
disruptive in the sense of hearing,
it could be psychologically
devastating if one suddenly heard
‘voices within one’s head.” Army
scientists believe that microwave
beams could be used to cause
the “disruption of voluntary
muscle control.”             
it's all true   
Critics say that a law passed through
Congress in 2006 to protect
companies that sell animal products,
including companies that process
meat and companies that use
animals to test consumer products,
criminalizes constitutionally protected
peaceful protest and consumer
education campaigns lumping these
acts with violent terrorism in its vague

The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act
allows for imprisonment, fines and
restitution for victims of crimes
committed by people who protest
animal testing or the inhumane
treatment of animals in food
processing. The law replaced a
nearly identical law passed 1992 and
civil libertarians and animal rights
groups have expressed concern that
the broad language added to the bill
could result in activists and
whistleblowers being charged with

Critics of the law agree that all acts of
terror and violence must be
responded to aggressively by law
enforcement, but under the law’s
expansive language boycotts, letter-
writing campaigns, sit-ins and other
forms of civil disobedience could be
considered to be terrorism because
they interfere with business activity.
The earlier law protected against
actual “physical disruption” of an
animal enterprise. The new law’s
added language says that any
activity “for the purpose of damaging
or interfering” with an animal
enterprise is illegal.

The ACLU says that the AETA could
be used to prosecute “lawful and
peaceful protests that, for example,
urge a consumer boycott (or) apply
to a whistle
blower” because the result of
such activities may effect animal
enterprises ability to make money
in the future. The ACLU also
points out that, because the law
equates non-violent resistance
with terrorism, the law “could be
used for widespread domestic
surveillance of animal rights
organizations.” The ACLU says
that the law will “effectively chill
and deter” individuals from
advocating for animal rights.

The Humane Society adds that the
AETA may even serve to protect
illegal animal enterprises, such as
puppy mills and dog fighting
groups, because it fails to
distinguish between legal and
illegal enterprises. The law was
sponsored by a pharmaceutical
consortium, including Pfizer and
it's all true
Swimmer Protection
Causes Reef
Protesters' Legal Rights Terrorized by Foodland Security
verbatim                                                       number 27.3
"Without the cooperation
of the private sector…
…we cannot protect our
country from terrorist
       Washington DC  02.28.08
Water availability per capita
thousands cubic meters/person
0           100         200         
papua new
US Army Builds
Microwave Mind Gun
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