“Dedicated to everyone who
believes in peace, love, and
non-violence, let’s keep the
torch burning.”
inscription on the plaque of the statue
of Medgar Evers at The Jackson Library.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Another believer in boycotts but whose
approach was in contrast to his was
Martin Luther King Jr. who used to stay
regularly at Charles Evers gun filled
house in Jackson.  

“He’d say, I always feel safe in your
house.  I told him Martin you use non-
violence and I’m the violent type.  You
stay here and you’ll be safe.   He and I
were very close, he was a wonderful man.  
I was scheduled to go to Memphis with
him, but I had a meeting in Fayette. The
news came on that Martin had been shot.  
I said the same thing then that I said
about Medgar, he’s probably wounded, he’s
not dead.”  
Medgar, the Movement & More
an interview with Charles Evers  -   by David Koppel
Martin Luther King, Jr.
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