MLaw calls for online boycott of website :

Dear editors,
We have noticed that Live Science articles regarding cannabis within this the era of normalized legal cannabis are unflaggingly biased & propagandistic bits of hardly disguised agitprop.


This particular prohibitionist flavored piece exemplifies your publication’s treatment of the subject: it relates absolutely no scientific information (as has been pointed out by other commenters here). Clearly a journalistic hack “reporting” the unsupported “findings” of a prohibitionist quack.

Publishing fake science and making headlines out of your own hair-on-fire cultural custodian views on cannabis is deceptive, propagandistic fear mongering that reveals your smug contempt for your readers – who, we hope, may choose as we have- out of being offended by your transparent disregard for science and patronizing contempt for the intelligence of your readers, to vow never again to click through a link to your web page.

Join us as we > Boycott

MLaw News

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