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Obama’s drug war : DOJ’s threats and seizures imperil vets with seizures

The White House’s war on medicine; President Obama’s cynical stance of dragging out his and his Justice Department’s ‘analysis’ of how to respond to the citizens in Washington and Colorado who have moved to legalize cannabis for personal consumption by adults using the small-d democratic tools available to them as Americans while at the same time, pursuing providers of medical cannabis with unflinching, dis-compassionate, a-scientific and authoritarian aggression, blitzkreiged into California this week where US attorneys officially demanded the closure of more than 100 medical cannabis dispensaries threatening both criminal and civil actions against the medicine providers and the owners of property that house the pharmacies.

The DOJ warning letters threatened to take enforcement action against the recipients if the pharmacies are not shuttered in 14 days. The demand letters were sent to 103 medical cannabis dispensaries in Long Beach and Los Angeles County.

A spokesperson for the US Department of Justice, confirming the assertions of the electorate in both Washington state and Colorado who predicated their legalization of cannabis use by adults in their states in part on the theory that selling cannabis as a legal product will provide an enormous benefit for their states in the collection of taxes on the commodity, said in a statement to the press; “All the stores we have seen are generating significant amount of profits.”

In addition to sending the threatening letters to the 103 cannabis pharmacies, Obama’s DOJ filed two lawsuits against particular medical cannabis dispensaries where the federal government is seeking the forfeiture of the property and the assets of the collectives’ owners and landlords.

The complaints filed by the Obama justice department allege that the cooperative owners did not operate medical cannabis pharmacies, but rather, commercial cannabis retail stores in violation of California state law. The action was joined by Obama’s Drug Enforcement Administration, The Internal Revenue Service, the Los Angeles District Attorney and the City of Long Beach Police Department.

Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell said he was happy to “partner” in the federal crack-down on medicine providers claiming that offering cannabis under doctors’ orders to the sick and dying is in his mind “an illegal operation.” McDonnell did not elaborate on his stated opinion that the provision of medicine to sick patients in his town negitively impacts the “quality of life” for the citizens of Long Beach.

Kris Hermes, a spokesperson for the non-profit medical cannabis advocacy group Americans for Safe Access reacted to the aggressive federal law enforcement sweep of the California pharmacies by pointing out that “thousands of people will be left without safe and legal access” to their medications due to the federal crack-down.