frum may be dumb, but the ‘choomer in chief’ sure ain’t

From the ‘choomer in chief’ straight down to the phony fact peddling Frums of this world, all “reasonable people” are trying their hardest to deflect and project in their “very adult discussions” about how to navigate the turbulent waters caused by adult Americans expressing their opinion that cannabis is safe and the drug war is harmful, bigoted and wrong.  In general, both sides of the political perspective are gung ho about expressing their “concerns for our children” when someone asks what the feds intend to do now that cannabis is legal in the US for the first time since 1937.

Strangely missing from all legacy party analysis of the citizen’s initiatives in WA&CO are the facts that cannabis is a medicine, that cannabis has never in recorded medical history killed anyone, that one out of every 5 deaths yearly in the US is attributable to cigarettes, and that alcohol is involved in 37% of all traffic deaths among persons aged 16 to 20, and that’s not even getting into the deaths, injuries and lasting psychological trauma caused in families where alcohol is the “approved by Uncle Sam” destructive and debilitating drug of choice.

Whether it is to dry dopers like Obama, whose devious targeting of suppliers serves to somehow polish up his “I’m lookin’ real tough” head-fake to propagandized suburbanites, or it is to paid-of-by-parties-that-are-very-interested-that-cannabis-remains-“not legal”-for recreational-use-by-adults dipshits like Frum, why doesn’t anyone point out in these “on-going serious people” confabs that cannabis is safer than America’s legal drugs (alcohol & tobacco). These “discussions” seem always to devolve into all “reasonable people” agreeing to use discredited faux statistics (whether medical or…wherever one would guess Frum’s boogie-man-misrepresentations to emanate from) for the purpose of instilling fear in Mr. and Mrs. America about cannabis.

If these fake-assed cogitators (but very real-assed cultural custodians) were to be honest, we would be on the way to reclassifying tobacco & alcohol as schedule 1 drugs and opening the doors to Amsterdam style coffee shops in every city in the US, given the fear-mongering lies that they proffer as they wring their hands in the face of Americans deciding, knowing and acknowledging that cannabis is both safer than America’s favorite drugs and is also medicine for sick people here in our country (that’s what the doctors really really say and think).

How about this question for either the fox-enabled republicans or the dominated-by-a-dry-doper by their last 2 presidents democrats:

“When I grew up, I was told that totalitarian dictatorships are the kind of governments that willfully withhold known medicines from their populations, why does our country keep medicine from sick and suffering Americans?”

…cue crickets

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