form 430 : transcendent garage
– 20th year anniversary reissue

In the early autumn of 1990 – during a more innocent time in America when Prescott and George Herbert Walker were the only known members of the Bush Crime Family and a fame seeking business friendly narcissist named Bill Clinton was being driven around Little Rock Arkansas in a state owned limo – the members of Form 430 stumbled out of a hazy basement room after listening to Miles’ early 1970’s concert from Japan (later released as ‘Aghartha’) and the Dead’s 20 plus minute Playing>Space>Playing recorded at Roosevelt Stadium in New Jersey in late July of 1973 and tumbled into a semi-detached 1960s constructed carport that was soon to become the ‘transcendent garage’.

The three wholly improvised songs presented in this re-issue were originally recorded with a single mic (SM57) on analog tape. The session was released on cassette in a limited edition of five in 1990, and shared only with members of the band and the recording engineer (some of whom still, 20 years later, wish to remain anonymous, or at least, like the transcendent garage itself, semi-detached from the project).

The celluloid sonic souvenir of the spaced-out session was recently uncovered by acme records technicians who, after scouring the back room for a cassette player, set to the task of digitally remastering this decades old artifact for broader release.

And now, twenty years later, you can turn on, tune in and join the boys in the ‘transcendent garage’.

transcendent garage-front

transcendent garage-back

transcendent garage

what a dog know – parts 1 and 2

let me out of here suite


  1. Grumpy my brother from a different mother, As one of those five guys from the “Garage” I’m glad you decided to dust the tapes off and re master this SONIC GEM,You have Idig’s blessings…..
    Luv Ya Man

  2. ~
    was a real blast back to hear these olden sounds…
    from those hazy crazy daze –
    – keep it hazy, Idig!