the singlaubs at the democratic convention
– welfare reform protest 1996

On a steamy August afternoon in a concrete cavern in the world’s hog butcher, the singlaubs greeted political partygoers with their standard bearer’s own pathetic sound bites. Responding to the democratic party’s butchery of the social safety net that they called ‘welfare reform’ (that was guided by the steadily capitulating hands of billy clinton and sanctified by a pack of corporate cultural custodians in the new democratic party) the singlaubs improvised this protest-sound-barrage in the middle of the intersection of Michigan and Balbo in the heart of chicago’s loop in 1996. New Deal? Great society? – – Nope, just a pack of sniveling class warring vote-whores doing what they do best- dismantling the fraying vestiges of the nation’s tattered social safety net.


singlaubs democratic convention protest – grand – mp3